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Newcomer - Resentments

Hello. This is my first post here. I've not attended an ACA meeting yet. I have lately been struggling with some experiences in meetings in AA. Specifically speaking, I watched a man passively aggressively make fun of 2 people during his share. One of those persons he mocked was the person chairing the meeting. 

But who is the problem? The problem is me and my resentments. I know the prayer that my sponsor gave me straight out of the AA Big Book to remove resentments yet I feel that it doesn't really cut it. I have been told to pray this prayer daily. I have so much going on that I do pray the prayer when I sense the resentment creeping up, which happens many times a day. I'd imagine that society has since discovered a greater way to cut those resentments down. If you know of any techniques that have worked for you I'd like to hear them. 

Thank you. 



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Welcome to MIP, Ryan!! 

That kind of behavior should not happen in a recovery meeting.  We don't allow it here!  no

Resentments are a big issue for a lot of us, and they won't go away overnight.  There is an old adage that Resentments are like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. 

I suggest sticking around here and sharing your resentments on our Main Page.  Sometimes the light of day makes them smaller.... 

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In Recovery,

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Greetings and I can relate to resentments and it was only through sharing and caring on the main board here and working the steps and the slogans slowly I am getting rid of them but I still have them. Especially when life is knocking me down with unwanted events then I get real resentful because I had a crap sandwich for a childhood and a life and it seems like the victimization of me just keeps going on and Im trying to be positive and be grateful for what is going right and its hard because of my resentments over what happened to me in the tremendous fallout and devastation in the aftermath. But keep coming back because this program does work

On the main page you will see plenty of work books and stuff to go over and read and digest stuff on the steps and the slogans and just generally taking care of ourselves so help yourself

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ROSIE,  a work in progress!!! 

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