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Post Info TOPIC: Yellow Workbook... hoarding and minimalism...


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Yellow Workbook... hoarding and minimalism...


...hmmm this is going to be a ramble... biggrin ...

long ago I resolved to take out the stressors, one by one. People- family... but also my body-

-used to say from my ears to my toes- and everything in between.

My body was wracked with pain- with my poor old head being the epicentre of this. Migraine, sinus, glue ear; even my gums bled- had gum disease.

No wonder- in the bad old days I would wake up in the morning- if i slept at all with my mouth full of stomach acid.

I considered that i had psychosis. Now it would be called C- PTSD. It was a living nightware. er... nightmare.


Compulsive eating used to be my drug of choice.

i used to binge and bust; binge and bust, so it was not a weight issue for me.

Over time my breathing was so crap I got sleep apnea. My body felt like it was dying all the time. No wonder I had a death wish.

My lungs were drowning in their own fluids.


I read about hoarding food in the Yellow Workbook. We did not hoard food so it went rotten- well not so much.

It was more about the planet really. I began to buy bread and take out 4 slices and put the rest in the freezer.

I grow a fair bit of backyard food. Greens and tomatoes and fruits etc.

My So is an adult child too- and a consumerist. She would still bring product home from the supermarket that I was growing in the garden!

Gr... gr... that used to make me really angry.

Latterly i started to grow figs, and peaches and grapes out the front of the house. The peach tree was inspired by Tasha G. because she had one in her yard stateside.

So my good ol' SO and so slowly got the message... the peach was right outside the kitchen window.


The only way to describe our relationship is to use the word fractious... stormy, in other words...

...and against a background of woman's equality- as new boundaries were being forged along gender lines.

[culminating, maybe in the "me Too" movement currently under way! wink ...] ...


My SO must have been getting some personal supervision at work...??? Either that, or my own state was mellowing and the ACA learning was beginning to filter through... biggrin ...


Our supermarket began to offer fresh fish at the deli. I began to bring some home.

I told my SO that the supermarket is 8 to 12 minutes walk from here- and I could bring home fresh fish any time I wanted to... [and enjoy the walk!].

And this began to apply to other things too...! Infiltration... of ideas and habits... he, he, he...

and yes!!! Oh Boy... one of the fruits of being in ACA- is doing stuff with other people! Bonding in some way- sister, lover, daughter, friend, mother... friend, brother, lover, son, dad...   no matter whatever works... whatever creates trust! biggrin ...

The culture I come from here, in Ao-NZ was so permeated in war it is no wonder there is so much anger and tension and fear in our culture.


I tell this tale often- of getting to an ACA meeting in Sarasota. I went four time but only made it twice! The other two times I got lost.

These days i use a GPS- which is a great aid!

And PS I was invited to a Saturday workshop from that group... I love it when ACA's chill out after a meeting.

I like it because I am a very very nervous eater- gets back to the only time when  family had to be in the same space together- Grrrr...!

Messy too... just try me! 


So... I forgot to introduce myself- je m'appelle David, and I am an adult child.

I am happy to be here.

Ah kin lurch into the present. It is a blustery fall day here in Te Waipounamu- southern-most state in the South Pacific.

I sent time with one of my travellers last weekend. It were awesome! We have no groups on our northern island!


I am so proud to be here. The founder of the MIP boards, John F. passed away over a year ago.

We all just pitched in the keep it going.

AA NA Alanon and ACA work well together here- it is as it should be!


I do seem to have a lot to say!

But I am just a regular Joan or Joe Average. Y'all in talk to me- as in any group- have a grin or a laugh with me.

Even have a coffee of tea with me- just as so long as y'all don't spill tea on my keyboard!


Cheers! biggrin ...


~short and sweet~  ... ... ... ...   






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one of the fruits of being in ACA- is doing stuff with other people! Bonding in some way....


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