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quite new

hello everyone, 

I am quite new to this... I actually just discovered this and I find it quite interesting... 

A little backstory on myself, 

I grew up with a functioning alcohol as my mother, I struggled quite a bit growing up... she was loving and then quite distant and harsh. She actually ended up in a terrible drunk driving accident in my early twenties on my birthday and my brother and I had to remove her from life-support... I have been in denial for a few years now that any of my past ever really affected me in any significant way. I am quite successful, I have a great career and education however all my romantic relationships seem to sour around the 6 months mark and become a cycle of arguments, I notice I pull away and become quite distant and resentful. 

I have to admitted the laundry list was quite an eye-opener.. I never noticed I did these things and how it could be tied to my past. 

I am interested in learning more, and hopefully learning how to adjust to these qualities. 




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Welcome to MIP, Riley! 

How terrible to have to make that decision about your Mom.

I'm sure you will find many characteristics in common with us.  My Dad and Stepdad were alcoholics, and Mom was Narcissistic.

Relationships are one area where the rubber meets the road in ACA.  I know my "picker" was broken and I hooked up with too many alcoholic losers.  I was also pretty self-centered, and turning into my Mom.

Pull up a chair and join our experience, strength, and hope! 



In Recovery,

Princess K.


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Hi Riley

So sorry about your mom...My mother drank herself to death, so no, we dind't have to remove her from life support, she sort of did that herself...the guilt and remourse I think she felt, marrying a serial sex offender and dangerous sociopath over came her....

I think if you come aboard with us, you will feel loved, accepted and hey!! there isn't a story too gruesome for our ears , we all have our awful memories, but as we trace em and face em, they don't have to haunt us forever and a day.....Recovery and this loving community support has literally saved me from maybe doing myself in......BIG WELCOME to you


ROSIE,  a work in progress!!! 

Keep it simple__Easy does it__Keeping the focus on me


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Hey dad was an abusive womanizing alcoholic and my mom codepenent enabler .till she got backbone.Then the fighting really started.This is a good place to let it all hang out.puke your guts out we will just listen.Was married twelve years and had become my father in some ways.the womanizing and drinking.People pleaser of the century.We all have a story to share.Thats what helps us heal.glad you're home.

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