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Post Info TOPIC: Effects, Defenses and Recovery from Abuse


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Effects, Defenses and Recovery from Abuse

Effects, Defenses and Recovery from Abuse

Notes on Abuse Effects of Abuse

1. Low or no self-esteem
2. Often feels responsible and blames self
3. Inability to trust self and others (may trust, but trusts wrong people)
4. Sense of worthlessness
5. Isolation
6. Sense of being helpless
7. Strong denial system
8. Low or no body awareness
9. Numb the pain with drinking, drugging, sexing, eating, etc.
10. Physical and medical symptoms may be a lot of body complaints
11. Prostitution
12. Suicide taking anger out on self
13. Sense of emptiness
14. Loss of playfulness and spontaneity
15. Many become abusive

Protective Defenses Used to Deal With Abuse

These defenses interfere with developing relationships on an adult level.
1. Silence
2. Denial may be believing its not happening
3. Dissociation becoming the spot on the ceiling
4. Numb feelings
5. Change feelings from anger to ________.
6. Change meaning of abuse child may be told, This is good for you, so child may think Doesnt this happen to all kids?
7. Isolation stay away from home, etc.

Recovery From Abuse

1. Share your story you dont need to deal with pain alone
2. Believe your story you have a tendency to discount
3. Establish perpetrator responsibility recognize it isnt about you
4. Address the addictions used to numb the pain
5. Realize you can deal with the pain without mood altering substances
6. Learn to recognize, then accept, and then communicate feelings
7. Learn to nurture yourself
8. Build self-esteem and positive body image (affirmations)
9. Deal with family of origin break the code of secrecy by writing and talking with other people
10. Learn to be playful
11. Learn that now you do have a chance to live, you do have choices YOU NEED NOT BE A VICTIM
12. Take back your power act responsibly, set boundaries that feel comfortable, control sexual
behavior you can control who enters your life
13. Remind yourself of your strengths
14. Learn you can say No
15. Learn to give and receive criticism
16. Stop abusing others


ROSIE,  a work in progress!!! 

Keep it simple__Easy does it__Keeping the focus on me


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Thanks. This all seems to resonate and the second part seems very helpful to start this journey.



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hey Naturalmama, on the main board (you gotta join up to access it) we do a LOT of sharing and caring...great posts and recovery stuff , even 12 steps worksheets.....this board is 75% of my finding success in moving forward in my life....


ROSIE,  a work in progress!!! 

Keep it simple__Easy does it__Keeping the focus on me


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Thank you. Learning to accept criticism seems pretty impossible today..but I'm willing to try.



"We were entirely ready to begin the healing process with the aid of our Higher Power"  Tony A's Step 6

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This is excellent Mama!!



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I love this



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