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Post Info TOPIC: Pleasing

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I please people, my parents and authorities by causing myself illusions - unconsciously - to fulfill what is presented as sought (typically not what is sought at depth). 

Like this inner actor that fulfills what is wanted by external authority. 


Veteran Member

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Posts: 78

I have lost much resilience towards external affect; I am sitting at a public library and seemingly psychiatry needs to be perceived as something healthy, me as in the wrong - attaining perceptual superiority. Happens a bit too often; a trauma.

Another layer to it is that I was heavily traumatized and suffer on an unconscious subconscious level from stockholms syndrome; I want to convince myself that the psychiatry was in the right and not wrong.

Loving them (feels good to love everyone and for none to have done me actual wrong) in illusion; accepting them in my heart not as these are - shaping them different and where I cannot; shaping my perception/attempting to control the truth to be different.

The truth - everything is relative; only in a certain frame "is the psychiatry wrong" - although what I was about to write was quite different, its just the indirect meaning this would have had.

Gravity only exists pertaining to a set of rules laying the grounds for a dynamic of the reality we are immersed in; this universe. Without that frame of reality gravity would not be a truth.

The same with what psychiatry did; had things been different it would not have been the least bit of an issue - it would have been like scraping a knee.

WHAT THE ...., I AM SO TIRED OF BEING MANIPULATED IN MY OWN MIND TO FIND PSYCHIATRY TO BE RIGHT. I scream more often that you would think - its just not possible to hear/see/etc.

Brainwashing is not enjoyable to be put through, especially forcibly. At least if it was done to enemies.

Notice that I swear above? Triggering censorship of what I wrote here; it getting blocked/hindered from being heard. 

-- Edited by ieei on Monday 12th of February 2018 11:04:46 AM

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