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Post Info TOPIC: Not interested in step 5


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Not interested in step 5

Or beating myself up. I don't believe we have to strive to look like the right kind of believer in God. Why I don't like the church, some one decided what it was all supposed to look like and people think they have to follow it and appear that way, fake it until you make it and it gets all twisted and warped. 

I'm sick of the stage and dog and pony show. It's a slap in the face of God. He's real, why can't christians be real instead of competing to look a certain way that supposedly represents the reality, but ain't?

I don't know any authentic christian who wants to use God as entertainment and fodder for their personal role or thinks they can control God by putting this in and therefore God MUST put what's expected out for doing it.

If that sounds harsh, good!

I'm going to skip step 5, forever. 

The exact nature is that I am a fallen human being by MY theology, God knows every little thing about me, I want and need no human arbiter. Not here, not anywhere.   

-- Edited by Jgirl on Wednesday 11th of October 2017 08:46:07 PM



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Actually for me this is the question of Step 2 - it gives the freedom to believe in what one wants to believe  - as I see it.


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So. What you're saying her J is that I should pick up my reading materials and go back to see what Step 5 is about? (That's a joke Kid, don't take offense. I know that was not at all your intention.)

"...Or beating myself up."

I do that waaaaay too, F%$* it....Nope. Don't want no mo.

I pretty much gave up on organized religion long, long ago. I've been screwed (see how I made that more genteel!) more Christians than I can count. Cause they ain't. See?

I feel ya.


Peace and Love Y'all...especially PEACE

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