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Tuesday - 7:00 PM ET

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Post Info TOPIC: brain death


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brain death

I just ordered 5 lbs. of Jolly Ranchers to be delivered to my house. Now I know it's getting serious. I'm in a bad place. I don't know how long my old dog will be with me. He was picked by my husband and about the only one I have left day to day. 

I shared on the other ACA places I found and there has been no response, everyone shut up, there had been shares every day or two. Kind of like when I joined MIP CoDA everyone that had been posting there right before Christmas left. I could sometimes be paranoid things like that were me, I'm this or that, and why not after being blamed and accused for so much? Not anymore after I am learning to sift through my boundary awareness that got so screwed up in my violent hateful upbringing. If anyone is rude, it's not me.  

Oh well. I had/have my stuff too, I am in a nasty mood tonite. 

Anyway, here's been what I have been reading up on. Looks encouraging.

Abuse Casts a Long Shadow by Changing Children's Genes

Here's an excerpt at the end of the article, that it all might be reversible.

"Undoing the Damage

Fortunately for abused children, there's reason for hope. Szyf's experiments in rats suggests that NR3C1 isn't necessarily permanently silenced: when the abused pups were returned to nurturing mothers, the extra methylation disappeared. "The idea that these things aren't fixed is really encouraging," Pollak says.

Even kids from horrific backgrounds developed a rapport with the lab's staff.

To what extent methylation on these genes might be reversible in children, and what kind of interventions might help, Pollak says, "are just big questions that we don't have the answers to yet." But he's hopeful that, now that this epigenetic mechanism is known, "someone who is a really skilled expert clinician might have an aha! moment. And that's all it takes to kind of really reorient things to think about a different way to have an effective treatment."

What's encouraging, Pollak says, is that even kids from horrific backgrounds developed a rapport with the lab's staff, which has buoyed his optimism for developing treatments. "They want to talk to us, they want to tell us stories," he says. After making it through the blood draw, a lot of the kids bubbled over with pride.

"I would say honestly there are many days when we all kind of put our head in our hands and we can't, we just can't believe what has happened in these children's lives," Pollak admits. "But it motivates us; I mean, what's going on in these childrens lives, it kind of keeps a fire under our ass not to be lazy, and we have to keep these studies going, because there are a lot of kids in need." "


IMO, it matters to be heard.

-- Edited by Jgirl on Tuesday 10th of October 2017 11:53:50 PM



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I'm sorry about your dog's health JGirl ...
Thank you for sharing this reading.





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Good topic J-gal...

 I listen to the radio at work a fair bit. On Tuesday there was an interview with a child of a holocaust survivor.

She suggested that the effects of trauma might be passed on genetically. My view is that this is possible. However i believe it is passed on culturally and socially. Every little twitch of the face- every bit of intonation in the body language... we all instinctively bond with the people who are closest to us. Even if these people have toxic emotions.

We cannot change our genetic make-up. But we can change our emotions.

I felt that this was impossible- but it had to be tried.


He poto, he reka...  short and sweet... the latter is a saying of mum's. 






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Yes, the feeling has yet to follow the thought, too much warring within and without, too much disconnect between the truth and reality. Especially in this brave new world concerned mostly with self and job security (not that that's new).
I cannot say here what I really would like to say about things, it would be pretty raw and that is partly my 'stuff.' And partly not. So I talk around the edges (by my, not anyone else's def). .


"Every little twitch of the face- every bit of intonation in the body language... we all instinctively bond with the people who are closest to us. Even if these people have toxic emotions."

Oh yes, hear you, (hell I can 'read' stuff here through the written word and other things LOL!) (and I'm generally right). I also don't look at or pay attention to people as much and that has helped, partly as a conscious decision to keep me from reacting and partly because I am getting old and getting tired and I don't care anymore. I can't decide if that's good or bad yet as a christian. Hopefully a balance will occur soon.  

-- Edited by Jgirl on Wednesday 11th of October 2017 12:34:22 PM

-- Edited by Jgirl on Wednesday 11th of October 2017 12:36:41 PM



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There was this test on the internet to 'read (interpret) people's emotions' and 'mood' looking at black and white photos of different eyes and eyebrows (all different people) and choosing the adjective from different ones that could also fit the expression somewhat. I scored 100% on it in a fraction of the time they gave to take the test. Another one concerning picking up on micro - expressions that occur and disappear on a person's face unconsciously in a microsecond, you can barely see them. I scored high on that too, but not 100 if I remember correctly.

Just something interesting I found about myself and my hyper vigilance. I am not always wrong, too often I am not. I can FEEL an individual looking at me in a crowded restaurant or other place. I often know what people are going to say sometimes by their expression and sometimes because it pops in my mind. Could be a form of autism on the other end of the spectrum, a different sort of idiot savant if you will. I was always punished for being myself and ALWAYS stared at. Still am by some.

This is me exploring me. I have felt squelched for so long because I do not fit and I am not imagining things.  

I want to finally meet myself head on, head to head getting to know myself and accepting these things about me and not flinching in shame about it. If I am weird so be it. 

-- Edited by Jgirl on Wednesday 11th of October 2017 01:47:40 PM

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