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Post Info TOPIC: pretty proud of myself


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pretty proud of myself

I shared on this woman forum about medical abuse at giving birth.

Someone replyed did I thought to see a therapist.

I answered that I believe people can be interested in how I feel

and hear me even if there is not financial interest behind it.

Today I know I can be heard as I am because I am a human being, vulnerable,

honest, and my feelings matter. 

I just need empathic 'ears', then I seem to be able to find solutions

by myself.

I don't need to pay someone to hear me, if people don't want to hear 

me they can just go their own way I'll go mine.


And I loved my answer and wanted to share it with you :)

Because I realised I just read myself saying to someone else that today I know that my feelings 

matter and that I can find people to hear me who are interested in who I am. Wow.

Isn't that progress!

Good for you inner self! Proud of you ;)









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          smile, Ileana... 


  short and sweet...  a goal, anyway...






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Yeah, Ileana! 

In Recovery,

Princess K.



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I'm proud of you too!
It's taking me a long time to put myself where you are regarding not wasting time on anyone who doesn't really care about me or want to hear or know me and having faith in the notion that there will be those who will, even with the world becoming so dead emotionally.
It was so often in the past I took the blame for it, it was me, I was this or that and failed everyone's expectations, failed the test being human. I could be angry if it was solid meanness but mostly I was hurt. What was wrong with me? This arena has taught me to question myself about why I was allowing such and first to blame myself if it wasn't going well. Why was I hiding in those resentments and wasting time on people who would not return any attention, interest? Who more than likely didn't have the capacity to extend to another what they wanted or expected which had nothing to do with me. And blaming myself so easily?
Part of it is is that I am 'weird, ' I don't live flashy therefore I'm sure others think I'm a loser. And I like it that way! It cuts to the chase to identify that right off, not wanting anyone in my life who cares about money and image.
This place has helped so much in that. But now the dilemma is fitting that new attitude (that hasn't taken root 100% in feeling yet) with my christian belief and how I am to relate to people. I am only at square one of necessary self defense and protection so far.
Congratulations for coming as far as considering yourself as worthy enough for decent behavior from others and not being so self critical when things go south!



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Thought provoking Ileana. Thanks so much.


Peace and Love Y'all...especially PEACE

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