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Post Info TOPIC: Testing for thought-patterns and resultingly transforming the thinking in the unwanted direction


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Testing for thought-patterns and resultingly transforming the thinking in the unwanted direction

One of these "methods" making me really angry:

A test to see if a pattern of thinking is there, by provoking a person to think something to see if they adhere to the thought/actually think it can result in the thinking growing in the person; in making the thought pattern that would not be there otherwise.
Thus the test to see if something is there proves itself with false proof, until the point where its understood that what was proven was that the testing (i.e. provoking a thought) is what made a thinking be there observably;
It does not matter how many times the test is performed - till this enligthenment is there. 

This could be presenting them with a theory to see if they take it seriously or reject it, it could be asking if a person sees things in a particular manner.

Something as simple as asking if someone does something can result in them considering why to do it or not to do it; resulting in the behavior coming to be.

Just the very suspicion "he seems to be speaking unclearly" can result in a person sensing that empathically, beginning to use resources on why, observing where it is in himself, looking for it in his speech and by the simple act of looking growing it in digging to try and find out why (digging deeper in where the
unclarity is thereby growing the unclarity in order to find the reason).

Using specific words and applying them can cause a person to faultily categorize things as fitting under a such label; resulting in that growing while in that label.
-- An example: "much like "oh, this is racism, then there is something about racism, it might not be so stupid and resultingly increasing actual racism and altering what was labeled to a racist form"
-- An example: Applying a label fits something in a box, including "how to go about the thought"/relate to it; this as a result partakes in shaping that thought or behavior. A result: Altering the thoughtpattern to become like that; shaping it.

I have been exposed to at least a few of these, my mind being corrupted, while encountering the psychiatry the last time: My constructive thinking ruined by their messing around with my head.
Higher power and God; just is superior.

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