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Post Info TOPIC: My parents and their continued oppression of me


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My parents and their continued oppression of me

I was really harmed by my parents as a teenager, they were angry at me for being a marijuana addict.

I doubt they saw how that affected me.

Then I was exposed to the psychiatry upon an unhealthy experience, leading me to years of disease and suffering - a traume I am only beginning to recover from.

Today my mother goes to "Nami" groups, re-enforcing the harmful diagnosis and oppression towards me. Its really shitty of her.
I ponder how large a part she had in where I have unhealthy mental patterns, although I must admit she probably has also done me some good; integrity she was always big on as well as the idea of a job and life that I would enjoy.

A psychopathic element has grown in me since my last encounter with the psychiatry in their mistreatment of me.

I am really angry that she always has the "provable rightness" towards the established world, always the evidence is on her side when its the visible.

My parents being workaholics I inherited their addicted mindsets.

I have been experiencing my mothers and fathers siblings and parents being compared; always my fathers side of the family is in the wrong and the sick, it makes me angry. I keep having to use resources on my father not ending up suffering and keeping their marriage healthy as I distance myself from the harmful elements to me.

I really hate this Nami project, they hurt me and it feels like they feed on me through my mother; getting information on me; the psychiatry - something I distanced myself from due to them having harmed and traumatized me massively.

We know the power of self-identification; now imagine what a harmful self-identification such as a diagnosis does to a person.

Its also strange how I write here in a forum and my mother goes to these nami meetings; informing the world on our relations - it seems somewhat wrong to me; as though we are being used and kept in check or something like that - I hope the world does not use our weaknesses; when you have knowledge of weakness you are become a threat and used for strengthening the weak points.

And do you see the last part?
That is what angers me the most:
This affect on me to invoke a wanted behavior; to see my mother and "staying in the family against the world":

An attempt at using a hypothesized weakness (paranoia); something that would build on the pattern of insanity in case it was real.
That makes me more than angry, its harmful and severely manipulative.

-- Edited by ieei on Tuesday 10th of October 2017 04:08:34 AM

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