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Post Info TOPIC: accepting my past


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accepting my past

Today's thought from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is:

Accepting the past

Noted psychiatrist Carl Jung once said, "If one can accept one's sin, one can live with it. If one cannot accept it, one has to suffer the inevitable consequences." We must come to accept our past acts before they will stop causing us pain.

All the Steps help us do this, but in particular, Steps Four and Five (the inventory Steps) and Steps Eight and Nine (the amends Steps) help. If we attend to these Steps properly, we will no longer regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.

Am I coming to accept myself?

Higher Power, help me accept the ways I've behaved in the past - and the ways I behave in the present - that cause me pain, so that in your time I may be freed.

You are reading from the book:



Day by Day - Second Edition by Anonymous


Live and let live


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Posts: 816

this is so spot on....when I worked steps 4-10 and also did the steps 8-9, it did free me of a lot of past regrets, anger at myself, was like settling my accounts with everyone I could and if they didn't accept my amends/remourse for my wrongs, then so be it...I reached out...I owned what I did...Took responsibility....but ya know??? I bet 95% of the folks I made amends to , the relationship either ended in peace OR it was repaired/reconcilled.....Honesty, openess, taking responsibility brings out the best in most folks...I had one old HS girlfriend who absolutely would not accept my amend and what I did to her was not all that bad...I told her i walked away because I felt un-needed in her I backed off, told her I was detaching, backing off because I felt so unneeded and when, later, I tried to reach out to her and say "Hey, I don't want it this way, us being apart--can we talk?? I did react rather strongly...I didn't handle this as well as I could have" she absolutely blew me off...I wrote her condolence when her mom died, she never responded...Never sent me condolence when I lost my it is what it is...Some folks just choose to hold a grudge....I did my part, though...I took responsibility for my not handling things as well as I could have....thats all I could now?? I am ok with me......


Live and let live

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