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Tuesday - 7:00 PM ET

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Post Info TOPIC: oh this next couple of days is gonna be HAAAARD


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oh this next couple of days is gonna be HAAAARD

work tomorrow and i MUST focus on what I am doing......Thurs. taking puppy for neuter so no sleeping in and getting much needed rest....Friday, work again.....SATURDAY is her service....My beloved its gonna be tough for me this next couple of day,  they say grief starts to ease in about 3 months....God I hope so...Yesterday was another down I am going to go to two thrift shops and try to find some pet supplies, backpacks and rackets to practice with....just to get me out and moving.....

Sometimes i think she is still here....gathering photos for her CD has been rough..all these memories come flooding I posted tributes to her on the BODY is feeling the grief.....thats a new one for me....FEELING in my BODY....feeling the sadness, the loss, the pain and essential I have no more siblings...not bio ones anyway....3 alcoholics and/or drug abusers??? males who view their life from the bottom of a beer bottle, making bad karma and one actually wants to take a knife to me and kill me for coming forward about the abuse and dropping my offender's name...Don't worry...I have protection, he is in different state and I phoned my city police when he once drove through here to get to CA to visit the deceased ...I have no bio family left except on dear and beloved cousin whhom I grew up with more like sisters then cousins...her mom and dad wanted to adopt me....Also one adopted sister who rescued me as a runaway child..too me home to her mom and dad and THEY fought to adopt me...offender would not let me go, but thanks to my "cuzzie's parents" and my other sister's parents, I did find some relief from my bio sister was happy that I had them...she was williing to let me go if it meant my happiness an safety........

so this next couple of days leading up to her service on Saturday is gonna be tough...I can't make money, of course....and religious people say  "oh but you shoudl be content where you are"    Being POOR is a CURSE...I am NOT "content"  not having enough , may times, to do things I really want to do or to have.......this is another reason I walked away from religion....Poverty SUCKS...Nothing good about it...I want to see my nieces and see the servce......but I just can't......this sucks.....but I have to work through the anger and try and accept it.......


Live and let live


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Mirror to what I'm going thru my chest hurts and neck and stomach.Funerals over for me but it comes out of the blue.Thanks for allowing me to share in this.(((((())))))



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Many warm hugs {{{{{{{{{mama}}}}}}}}} ....





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Oy.....such pain I dont want to imagine my friend. Peace and love...


Peace and Love Y'all...especially PEACE

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