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Post Info TOPIC: Step Work Board Information/ Online Meeting Format

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Step Work Board Information/ Online Meeting Format

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Miracles In Progress 12 Step Recovery Forums "Step Work Board" at

If you registered on the Step Work Board on or before 10/4/10 your account on the board has been confirmed and validated, so all you need to do to interact on the Step Work Board is log into it using the user name and password you choose when you registered on it.  Registration on this group board doesn't carry over to the Step Work Board, you have to register on it independently to interact on it as well.

The Step Work Board is for the purpose of letting each 12 step group post a share and replies to it every two weeks on a specific step and this way members of other groups can see how the steps are being applied in the lives of others.  This gives us an opportunity to see how effective the 12 steps are regardless of the application they are used for. 

This board also gives the newcomer a place to ask related step questions, and oldtimers a place to share their own experience, strength and hope related to the step being shared.

I would like each MIP 12 step group to elect a group member to lead their group on the Step Work Board starting 10/15/2010, starting with Step One and moving to the next step (2), every two weeks.  A group member can volunteer for this position as well.  Then encourage other members of their groups general message board to share on their Step Work Board post.  So, for each step, each group has its own post and replies to it, separate from the other groups, yet unified in the step that is being addressed every two weeks.

The Step Work Board is for the purpose of enhancing everyone's understanding of the 12 steps and how they are worked and applied in our daily lives.  It is not a general discussion board.  Each groups individual message board should be used for general discussion issues and subjects.

I will attempt to obtain a person from each group to lead their group on the Step Work Board over the next week.  Your willingness to support and respond to your group leaders post on the Step Work Board would be appreicated.

Again, the Step Work Board is located online at

Yours In The Spirit of Recovery,
John F.

General Discussion Boards

Alcoholics Anonymous -
Al-Anon Family Groups -
Adult Children of Alcoholics -
Family Teens Anonymous -
Narcotics Anonymous -
Abuse Survivors Anonymous -

PS. Your registration on your groups message board does not automatically register you on the step work board or visversa.  Each board requires you register on it independently.  So, if you want to interact on both the step work board and your groups general discussion board, you have to get registered on both.



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RE: Step Work Board Information

Our New Online Meeting Format

1. At the start of each scheduled meeting the chairperson will run a script (writing) that opens the meeting. This script only takes 1.5 minutes for group members to read as it is run. (acaopen1.txt)

2. From the script above the group members are invited to take 5 minutes to view the readings; ACA/ACOA Preamble, Why We First Came to ACA, Why We Keep Coming Back, How We Work a Program of Recovery, What We Do Not Do at Meetings, What We Do in ACA Meetings, Membership Qualifier, and the The 12 Steps. (

3. The Chairperson will start the meeting 1 minute after the 5 minutes above has passed so all group members have had enough time to re-enter the room.

4. After the 1.5 minute opening script, the 5 minutes read time, 1 minute wait time, the chairperson will run a script (writing) that begins the sharing process. This script only takes 45 seconds for group members to read as it is run. (acaopen2.txt).

5. Total time allotted for completely opening the meeting is 7.95 minutes. Two recovery, healing based topics are picked by the participating group members. The Chairperson may require, for a variety of reasons, an extra minute in this process.

6. Sharing will be allotted a 1 hour time period. Our "one hour meeting" begins when the sharing begins. Group members are asked to keep their shares topic related and within a time frame of 5-7 minutes so everyone who desires has an opportunity to share at the meetings.

7. After one hour of sharing by group members it is up to the discretion of the chairperson if another member or two who has raised their hands to share, (using a exclamation mark (!)) will be allotted an opportunity to share before the meeting is closed.

8. At the close of the meeting, the chairperson will run a closing script, (writing) that closes the meeting. This script only takes 1.5 minutes for group members to read as it is run.

9. The chat room is then re-opened for general and supportive chat.

This new format allotts a total meeting time of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Due to the nature of the Internet a meeting will at times run 1 hour and 30 minutes.
All meetings will provide at least a one hour period for sharing by group members.



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Step Work Board Information/ Online Meeting Format

Is this the same as the online Al Anon meetings? I've tried to log into that on Thursdays. I can log into the chatroom, but I'm the only person there. Is this because there is no Al Anon meeting, or am I not following the correct steps? I don't even know who to ask, lol and sad face.



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Hi Jane. I am on the Alanon board too.

The chat meetings have fallen away on both boards. We had people calling meetings, from time to time...

...what happens now is that people just share on the meeting boards.


I had trouble with the chat meetings because my time zone is 16 to 18 hours ahead of EST.

Here I can share 24/7.


Sometimes people would prefer something more anonymous. Some of us have contact through personal messaging- and some make personal email or facebook contact as well.



  short and sweet...  a goal, anyway...






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ahh. Thanks. Now I realize it's not a technical problem.

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